Document form for Joint-Use

Downloading the document form for Joint-Use

Fill in according to the following instructions.

For information on how to enter the Common ID, please refer to here (Common ID Entry Method) .
We will accept it by sending the PDF file by e-mail.

Send to: kanrishitsu(@)

Instructions for filling out the Joint-Use Application Form

1 Research theme and abstract

  • Theme: If continuing from the previous year, use the same theme name.
  • Summary: If there is not enough space for filling out, make adjustments by making the text smaller.

2 Researcher’s information

• Researcher's name(研究従事者名) : Fill in the research representative's information here.

• Affiliation(所属) : Fill in from undergraduate or graduate school.

• Status(身分) : Select from employee, undergraduate student, graduate student, research student, and others.

• E-mail, extension : Required for emergency contact.

• Individual code(個人コード) : Fill in the code of the radiation worker (if you do not know it, leave it blank).

• Common ID(共通ID) : Fill in the 20-digit number of your staff ID card and student ID card (Common ID Filling in method).(If you leave any blank fields, there may be errors in your registration)

When you register additional researcher, submit new forms that filled in their information.

3 About the type and quantity of RI to be used

4 Experiments on animals

  • If you select “yes(有)”, submit a copy of the approval letter from the Animal Care and Use Committee of your department.

5 Remarks

  • If you have any special requirements, write them in the remarks column(備考).