Application Guidelines

Last update: Feb 01, 2024

Application Guidelines for FY2024 Joint-use

Isotope Science Center, The University of Tokyo

Applications for joint-use of the Isotope Science Center for FY 2024 is now accepting.

Download the "共同利用申込書(Application Form for Joint Use)" and other documents from the link on this website.

Requirements for Joint-Use

All of the following conditions must be met in order to use the research facilities.
The research topic must be clearly stated on each application form and a principal investigator must be designated.
The research topic must be specified for each application form, and a principal investigator must be assigned.

Requirement for Principal investigators,
1, The principal investigator must be a faculty member of the University of Tokyo (excluding specially-appointed faculty members).
2, The principal investigator must be responsible for the use of the facilities by the research members.
3, The applicant must bear the prescribed expenses for specific equipment.
4, Submit a "研究経過報告書(Research Progress Report)" and "共同利用の後始末報告書(Cleanup report)" for each fiscal year.

The research worker must be at least one person, including a faculty member. (hereinafter referred to as "group")The research worker must belong to the University of Tokyo.
The research worker must follow the Center's Radiation Hazard Prevention Regulations, rules and regulations, and the instructions of the Center's staff.
The name and contact information (extension number, etc.) of the research members or group must be clearly indicated on the equipment and radiation sources purchased or brought in for use.

If any radionuclides, radiation sources, equipment, etc. brought into the Center remain after the period of joint-use, a "確約書(pledge)"  must be submitted prior to the start of shared use to assure that the group, department, or department will bear the cost of disposal at the discretion of radiation control operations.

Period of joint-use

Weekdays from Monday, April 3, 2023 to Sunday, March 24, 2024. (December 29-January 3 is excluded.)
March of each year is the post-use cleanup period for joint-use. This is the end-of-use period for cleaning up the rooms, disposing of the radiation sources, and removing the equipment. The fourth week of March is the isotope inventory period. In principle, research cannot be conducted. If you wish to use the facility during this period, please consult with the person in charge (faculty member of the Isotope Science Center).

Usage time

8:00 to 19:00 on weekdays from April to March every year. Overtime and holiday use is permitted upon application.

Application Process

Documents for Joint-Use

共同利用申込書(Application Form for Joint Use) (Please fill out the designated form and send it by e-mail.)

確約書(Pledge) (Please send by intramural mail or e-mail the PDF file)

If you wish to use isotopes, register with other departments at UTRadMS.

If animal experiments are involved, the animal experiment protocol approved by your affiliated department, etc. and a copy of the approval (please send a copy as a PDF by e-mail)

Submit "研究経過報告書(Research Progress Report)" in the prescribed format for each fiscal year regarding the results of the joint-use. If you wish to continue the joint-use, submit the " 研究経過報告書(Research Progress Report)" of the previous year by the end of March.
NOTICE : Groups who did not submit " Research Progress Report“ are refused to joint-use for the next fiscal year.

Send application documents to

Radiation Management Team, Isotope Science Center, The University of Tokyo

Dial-in: 5841-2870

Extension: 22870

Application form should be sent electronically to: kanrishitsu[@]

Joint-use application deadline

First Deadline (Starting on Monday, April 3, 2023)

  February 28, 2023 (Tuesday)

Final Deadline (Final deadline for use in 2023)

  January 31, 2024 (Wednesday)

Applications will be accepted at any time after the first deadline until the final deadline.

About Presentation of Results

If you wish to submit the results of research conducted at the Center to an academic journal, please indicate so in the Acknowledgment and provide the Radiation Protection Team with the address of the website on which the paper or other work was published.

When you submit the results of your research, including academic journal, thesis, indicate in the Acknowledgment and send the address of the website of the published paper to the radiation management team.


  1. This work was carried out under the support of Isotope Science Center, The University of Tokyo.
  2. This paper presents a result of a joint research program carried out at Isotope Science Center, The University of Tokyo.


Send e-mail the faculty member you wish to be assigned to or the Radiation Management Team. Contact information is listed in Here.

Guidance (All students must attend.)

Users are required to attend the Center's departmental workshop (guidance) held at the beginning of each fiscal year.

NOTICE:Joint use is not permitted unless attending this guidance.

The first guidance for FY2023 will be held on April 3, 2023 (Mon.) from 1:00 p.m. at the lecture room on the 2nd floor of the Isotope Science Center. Enter from the North Entrance of Isotope Science Center.