Joint-Use Application Guidelines

Research facilities Guide

Application Procedures for Use of Research facilities

  1. Period of joint-use
    In principle, applications for the use of research facilities should be submitted for a single fiscal year and will be approved after review by the Steering Committee. If you plan to conduct research that will require a multi-year period, please submit an application clearly stating the reason.
  2. How to apply for joint-use
    Those who wish to use the research equipment must fill out the "共同利用申込書(Joint-use application form)" and submit them to the radiation management team. The application form can be downloaded from the Isotope Science Center's website.
  3.  Acceptance or rejection of joint-use
    Applications for joint-use will be submitted to the Steering Committee and will be notified of acceptance or rejection to the principal investigator.
  4. Acceptance of joint-use
    The name of the faculty member who will be the primary contact person is indicated on the joint user permit. The faculty member in charge is a faculty member of the Isotope Science Center, who allocates the use of laboratories, measuring instruments, and equipment, etc. to the collaborating users and serves as the point of contact.

Application procedures for use of research facilities

All of the following requirements must be met in order to use the research equipment.

  1. The research topic must be clearly stated on the application form and a principal investigator must be  designated.
  2. Requirement for principal investigator
    1. Must be a faculty member of the University of Tokyo (excluding specially appointed faculty members).
    2. Be responsible for the use of research equipment by research user.
    3. The prescribed expenses for the equipment shall be borne by the applicant.
    4. "研究経過報告書(Research Progress Report)" and "共同利用の後始末報告書(Cleanup report)" must be submitted for each fiscal year.
  3. At least one research user must be a faculty member or staff member.
  4. The research user must be affiliated with the University of Tokyo.
  5. Research user must follow the "Radiation Hazards Prevention Program" and other rules and regulations, as well as the instructions of the staff.
  6. The name and contact information of the user or group should be clearly marked on the equipment or radiation source.
  7. If any radionuclide, radiation sources, equipment, etc. remain after the joint-use period, "確約書(pledge)" must be submitted before the start of the joint-use to assure that the group, department, will bear the cost of disposal at the discretion of radiation control operations.

Research equipment guide

After the joint-use is approved, proceed with the procedure to start use.

  1. Guidance
    Guidance is provided for joint-user. This is "部局講習会(Department seminar)" and  "再教育(Re-education)" (once a year) based on laws and regulations. The guidance explains the research support system and precautions regarding the use of RI. The date and time will be notified to principal investigators and research workers. Users of the X-ray diffractometer will be required to attend a separate guidance session.
  2. Isotope users
    Before entering the Radiation Controlled Area, register in the "Radiation Handling Personnel Management System" (UTRadMS) and complete the "他部局登録" procedures.
     NOTICE : If you have not attended the guidance, have not registered with other departments, have not attended the education and training of your department, or have not undergone the RI medical checkup, you will not be allowed to enter the Radiation Controlled Area.
  3. Hours of use by research user
    The joint-use are allowed from 8:00 to 19:00 on weekdays from April to March every year. Joint-use at outside of these periods is permitted upon application.
    NOTICE : For dispose of radiation source and carry out equipment, research use is not permitted at the end of March each year.
  4. About entering and exiting the radiation controlled area
    Joint-users are required to use their staff ID card and student ID card to enter the building and the radiation controlled area. For those who do not possess the above, entrance passes card will be sold at actual cost.
  5. Dose Control for Joint-User
    For joint-users who are registered as Radiation Workers, the radiation dose measurement records in the Radiation Controlled Area will be managed by the Radiation Protection Team. The joint-users are required to use the personal radiation dosimetry badges prepared by the radiation management team.
    For joint-users are required to use personal radiation dosimetry badges prepared by the radiation management team. Joint-users must wear this badge and change it once a month. If you are required to use the personal radiation dosimetry badge provided by your department, please use both badges.
    Measurement results will be sent to the joint-user.
  6. A registration fee for Research Workers will be charged for  the registration and the cost of personal dosimetry for Radiation Workers.

Obligations of Research Equipment User

  1. Submission of Research Progress Report
    Submit "研究経過報告書(Research Progress Report)" in the prescribed format for each fiscal year regarding the results of the joint-use. If you wish to continue the joint-use, submit the " 研究経過報告書(Research Progress Report)" of the previous year by the end of March.
    NOTICE : Groups who did not submit " Research Progress Report“ are refused to joint-use for the next fiscal year.
  2. Publication of Research Results
    When you submit the results of your research, including  academic journal, thesis, , indicate in the Acknowledgment and send two reprints of the published paper and so on, to the radiation management team.
    ・This work was carried out under the support of Isotope Science Center, The University of Tokyo.
    ・This paper presents a result of a joint research program carried out at Isotope Science Center, The University of Tokyo.
  3. Obligations after the Joint-Use Period
    In March of each year, in principle, the joint use of the Center should be terminated and a "共同利用終了作業報告書(Joint-Use Report)" should be submitted to the radiation management team  after the termination work is completed. At this time, all radioactive materials, equipment, chemicals, etc. brought into the Isotope Science Center that exceed the disposal limit must be brought back to the department or disposed. Remaining them after the joint-use period is unacceptable.
    Please consult the member in charge of receiving large equipment and other equipment that cannot be easily carried in and out. that
    NOTICE : The disposal of radionuclides, radiation sources, equipment, etc. for radiation control reasons after the joint-use period will be at the expense of each research group. The take-back price of nuclides is shown in Attachment 2.

Education and Training Equipment Use

Application Procedures for Use of Education and Training Facilities

  1. The use of the education and training facilities is referred to the relevant dean at the beginning of January each year to determine whether or not the student wishes to use the facilities for the following year.
  2. Faculty wishing to use the education and training facilities are required to fill out the prescribed application form and submit it by the end of January.
  3. The director of the Isotope Science Center will notify the dean of the relevant faculty of the acceptance or rejection of the application for use after consultation with the Steering Committee.

Requirement for Use of Education and Training Facilities

  1. I Indicate the faculty and contact member . Faculty members must be registered in the "UTRadMS” and complete the "他部局登録(Registration in other departments)" procedure.
  2. Students must undergo a pre-handling health check-up and attend pre-handling education and training.
  3. Before the practical training, a meeting and guidance must be held with the attendance of all the teachers in charge of the practical training.
  4. Faculty members should instruct students and others to follow the " Radiation Hazards Prevention Program" and other rules and regulations.

Obligations of Users of Education and Training Facilities

  1. During the period of joint-use, Users are responsible for the prescribed expenses.
  2. Clean up after yourself and submit the "学生実習終了報告書" to the person in charge at the Center.
  3. All radioactive materials, equipment, chemicals, etc. must be brought back or disposed.
    NOTICE: When disposing of leftover radioactive material, equipment, chemicals, etc. for reasons of radiation control after the period of joint-use, each department may be responsible for the cost of disposal.

Use of equipment for radiation control

Radiation control equipment is available for use. Please contact the Radiation Management Team for more information on this.
Some of the center's radiation control equipment (germanium detectors, survey meters, etc.) can be used for RI management in each department of Tokyo University. Please contact to the radiation management team about detail.