Regular cleaning

[Date & Time].
 August 9 (Wed.) and 10 (Thu.), 2023
 December 7 (Thursday) and 8 (Friday), 2022
 March 7 (Thursday) and 8 (Friday), 2023
 Inside the controlled area (8/9,12/7,3/7) Outside the controlled area (8/10,12/8,3/8)
 Sun Amenity Co.
 Please note that RI cannot be used during the week of regular cleaning due to room contamination inspection and decontamination. However, if you use RI in the area to be cleaned after the contamination test, please conduct your own contamination test and report it to the Management Office. If you cannot do so, please do not conduct any RI experiments. (The person in charge of receiving the materials is responsible for handling this matter.